Elevation Kids

Elevation Kids

Elevation Kids is where children aged 1-12 can learn about Jesus in a safe, age-appropriate setting created just for them.   Our Kids program is designed for children to meet others their own age, so they can learn about Jesus in a way that they will understand. Kids will see the Bible come to life through music, drama, games, craft, small group activities and lots of hands-on fun!  Elevation Kids is available at all Sunday morning services.

“Elevation Kids makes me feel like God is there with me. He is listening to all my prayers and He is with me with what I do. Now that I have been going to church more and more, I want to go all the time and never want to leave”
– Julia (9 years old)


From what age can my child attend Elevation Kids?

We cater for children aged between 1 to 12 years of age.  Children with special needs who fall outside these age brackets may also continue to attend the program at the discretion of the Kids Pastor. Once children are in grade 7 at school they may commence attending Elevation Youth.

We’re new to Elevation. How do we register our kids?

Look for our Kids Check-In area.  One of our friendly team will be there to meet your family, collect your details and show your family to the appropriate rooms for their ages. We will ask for the following information – family members’ names, household contact information, children’s names and birth dates, and special information including details of allergies, medical conditions, special needs, custody arrangements and image permissions.

What will my child be doing at Elevation Kids?

Our aim is that your child would encounter Jesus each week through fun, creative and age-appropriate Bible-based teaching.  We work hard as a team to create an environment that your child will want to return to each week and tell their friends about. Our kids programs generally include praise & worship, Biblical teaching, games and activities all based around their age groups.

Do your children’s volunteers have background checks?

All of our adult Kids Team Volunteers have undergone suitability checks and are in possession of a current working with children check. Volunteers under the age of 18 who are not eligible to participate in the governmental screening system have been screened for suitability for working with children through interviews and reference checks.

My child has allergies; will food be served in the kids program?

Our service times are short so we do not include a snack break in our program except for Little Explorers who will be served an allergy friendly snack and water.  We encourage parents to send along a labeled water bottle with their child. Some games and activities for older children also include food items. Please notify us via family registration forms and at the check-in desk of any allergies your child may have so this information can be placed on their nametag. Alternative arrangements will be made for those children who have been identified as having allergies.  Drinking water will be available at all times for your child throughout the program.  To prevent children with allergies from having access to unauthorized foods we do not allow kids to bring their own food into the Kids rooms.

Am I allowed to stay in the room with my child?

Parents are invited to accompany their child to the room and stay with them for a brief time to help them get settled.  If you need to remain with your child for an extended period this is at the discretion of the team leader.